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Pastor Mossett

Answers one of God’s greatest calls as he seeks to shepherd God’s people with grace, compassion, love and commitment.

The Reverend Lemuel M. Mossett III, who affectionately received the nickname “Mack” from his paternal grandfather, Lemuel, Sr., is a man who loves God first and believes that his calling is to sacrificially serve humankind. He is the son and grandson of preachers who were truly pastors and servants of God’s people. It is through the example set by his parents, grandparents and those who were influential in his life that he has learned how to love and serve.

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2024 Sermons & Services


It is always great to reflect on highlights of the past as foundations to our future.

Please enjoy this compilation of Calvary church services and worship celebrations,

including sermons by Pastor Mossett and several guest speakers.

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